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Quanzhou Yinqiao Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. production manufacturing high precision gear, synchronous wheel, synchronous belt, wheel, rack, coupling, etc. the drive component. Service industry: health products machinery, textile machinery, weaving machine, printing machine, stone machinery, tobacco machine, packing machine, ceramic machine, food machine, zipper machine, industrial robots, glass machinery, shoes machine, mining machinery, machine tool equipment, machinery for candy, presses, swim the functions of the browser machine, elevator, sports equipment, industrial sewing machine, tea machine, wind power, automobile testing line, CNC automatic mechanical transmission equipment.

Founded in 1992, economic development zone is located in Jinjiang, covers an area of 2 00000 ordinary rice, staff of 120 people, technical research team 20, precipitation technology experience rich, has the world first-class CNC worm gear grinding machine, Taiwan CNC slant rail machine, advanced mathematics CNC roll in tooth machine, high precision internal and external circular grinding machine, vertical machining center, tooth for tooth to detector, video detector, gear beating device, dynamic balance testing machine and other advanced machine tool machine detection equipment, play advantage of the strength of improve production efficiency and ensure product quality optimization.

Yinqiao company force pushing scientific production management mode of (6S) and follow the fundamental principles of the enterprises "technology, equipment, management, marketing and service mode, never lax international manufacturing standards of high precision products. In the face of a variety of machinery and equipment industry reform needs, to seek strategic cooperation.

Yinqiao company to all new and old customers to extend my sincere gratitude, and expect to get everyone to pay the concern and support, Shun Regards!

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